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Upgrade your presentation and sales skills

Present yourself convincingly, confidently and with fun!

No matter if live or online in front of a video camera.

Offer a high-quality, professional impression with easy-to-use technical equipment.

As a result, you connect with your listener and achieve your goals with ease.

Let's find a way

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My experience for your development

Opportunities for cooperation

Performance and Sales Coaching

Do you want customized one-on-one coaching that brings out your inner rock star for your next presentation, sales pitch or video call?


Take your presentation skills to a higher level.

Business Consulting

Do you want to optimize your sales and marketing strategy?


What about upgrading the technical quality and professionalism of your video calls?


Let’s level up your live or digital appearance.

Life and Business Coaching

Are you looking for a trusted support and easy solution to a challenging life or professional issue?


Let’s find the sun behind the clouds.

Upcoming Events

Highlights from Concerts, Performance and Sales Workshops and more

Runway Model @ Vienna Fashion Week



AT, Vienna

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Key Note Speaker @ balanceUp-Summit
Vereinbarkeit von Business und Familie


Wien / online

“How to #rockyourstages in private and business life – Rocke deine Bühnen”

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WORKSHOP Ecoplus (private)


St. Pölten

Elephants in Paradise @ Kulturzentrum d’Zuckerfabrik


AT, Enns

Hey, I am Christiane

I support you to rock your business presentation skills in a compelling, entertaining and unique way.

All my experiences of the last years from business, technology, psychology and music stages I combine specifically in performance coaching and sales training.


I know the nervousness of performing in front of 15.000 people as well as in front of the members of the board or my global key accounts. I’ve experienced the pitfalls of an online presentation and a video shoot. I understand this deep-seated fear of embarrassing myself or making myself vulnerable well.


You must be wondering now how it is able to shed those fears?
The secret lies in good preparation, not always taking yourself too seriously, and getting rid of perfectionism before it gets in the way.


I enjoy performing in front of others – whether in an online or live setting. The interaction with the audience and letting the spark fly is a highlight every time.


You can experience that too!


It can be easy, simple and fun for you.


But be careful – side effect:

Your sales and customer inquiries could increase as a result…

Christiane Reiseder having fun speaking in front of an audience, being confident and positive

Why holistic performance techniques?

This is what the dictionary says about it and what you can expect.


…relating to the whole system instead of just to its parts.


My coaching and training sessions are not only about your body or voice, the technical setup for webinars or sales figures and facts. They are above all about your mindset and goals and the interaction and communication with your audience and customers. All of this goes hand in hand and unconsciously intertwines.


…ACTIVITY – the act of doing something and how well it is done;

…BUSINESS – how successful an investment, company, etc. is and how much profit it makes;

…ENTERTAINMENT – the act of entertaining other people; …in this case by presenting, selling and video calling;


Let’s boost the performance of your performance 😉

And unleash your inner rockstar!


…a way of doing something that needs skill or thought;


The techniques you will encounter in coaching and training with me range from
mental training, hypnosis and consciousness training in the theta state (= the “flow” of the superstars) to bodywork and voice training up to technical equipment trainings.

Customer Feedback

Durch Christianes Coaching bekam ich wieder richtig Lust aufs Präsentieren! Sie ist sowohl auf technische Details eingegangen als auch auf den Aufbau der Präsentation. Am meisten hat sie mit mir aber an meiner Zielsetzung und generellen Einstellung dazu gearbeitet. Das Coaching war sehr erfrischend und hat mich für die nächsten Vorträge ermutigt. Ich kann es also jedem ans Herz legen, sich hierfür ab und zu eine objektive Meinung einzuholen und empfehle Christiane für ein Training rundum den eigenen Auftritt zu 100% weiter.


K. Strauss

CEO and Memeber of the Board

In this way I would like to say thank you again for your support. My new technical setup with sound and video quality is amazing! It’s fun and my customers are totally surprised and react extremely positively to my new appearance. My sales are definitely up because of it! I also feel like I’m better connected with the customer again despite the video call. In any case, my boss is also very satisfied 😉 I will definitely contact you again for another performance coaching. See you soon!


Thomas K.

Senior Key Account Manager

Dear Christiane,
we honestly did not expect such a coaching. You really have a talent to get the maximum out of people and to give the topic of selling a new drive. Your encouraging and sympathetic manner has picked up and inspired every single member of the team. We will certainly benefit from your professional and well-structured input for a long time to come! Who would have thought that a sales seminar could be so much fun. Thank you!
On behalf of the team, best regards and we look forward to the next time with you!

Best regards


Jan P.



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