Performance Coaching

Your distinctive presentation - live or digital

Set your inner voice free and speak out loud

Performance coaching will lead you to...

… have a more conscious self-presentation (presence, body, voice).

… strengthen your basis for an impressive and charismatic appearance.

… be and appear more authentic and self-confident in front of others.

enjoy every minute of being in front of others.

… fully engage and connect with your audience and clients.

… develop a unique way of pitching and presentation – live and digital.

… improve your communication with others.

… faster reach your goals and achieve more success.

rock future performances and stages with ease.

Holistic presentation techniques

Whether digital or live: after our joint performance coaching, your presentation skills and your performance are boosted.

Get to know you

Just need a little push for your presentation or a foretaste of a collaboration?


We’ll already dive into the analysis of your performance.

for more impact and visibility

In 12 weeks, we’ll take your corporate performance skills to a rock star level.


Everything about video technique, body language, voice, mindset, communication, sales, presentation technique and online course design.

for leaders ready to expand

In 6 months, we’ll take your skills and business to a superstar level in this 1:1 mentoring.


On top of the Rockstar training we’ll cover all around business model and strategy, identity work and sales strategy for your compelling, entertaining and unique sales personality.

Customer Feedback

Rock your business presentation

Our journey together

In performance coaching we focus primarily on your mindset, your body language and your voice to improve your presentation skills.


Training on all levels of communication – verbal and non-verbal – for increasing your overall sales.


Be compelling, entertaining and unique.

What sometimes seems difficult might also be easy!


Right at the beginning we do a short video analysis to determine your starting point. As a result, further modules are optimally tailored to your needs. Please see the list of modules, like gestures, rethoric, pronunciation, the red thread and other topics, below.


Currently the technical setup and the setting for your professional appearance in video calls are a popular module.


At the end of the performance coaching we do a short video analysis again to have a before and after comparison.

Improve your presentation and pitching skills

video analysis and technical setup for business presentations

Pitch and present professionally and confidently

Delete those questions from your agenda, when it comes to you performance:


  • What all do I need to consider when giving a presentation or speech?
  • How do I set up the equipment for professional video recordings for my online course or Social Media Reels?
  • How do I make myself more visible?
  • How do I deal with stage fright?
  • What are my technical options for a video call?
  • How will I be taken more seriously by my co-workers and supervisors or clients?


In just a few modules we’ll unleash your business presentation rockstar or even superstar!


Be compelling, entertaining and unique!

perfect business presentation and sales pitch

Get 5 presentation tips and more information about performance and sales


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