Life and Business Coaching

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Challenges in life and career

Life and Business Coaching is available as single session, as well as bundles of 5 and 10.

transformation is key_change is a chance

What obstacles are still in your way to fully take the stage of your own life?

I often support my client in the following areas:

Life and Business Coaching

Because it may also go easily!

…this is one of my strongest beliefs when it comes to life and business and especially coaching.


A more conscious self-awareness emerges, mentally as well as physically.


Empowerment and courage are not just empty words, but are lived with strength and ease.


Fear and blockades were yesterday. 


Your true self is the future!

Rock your stages in private and business life. Transform your mindset.

Transformation is key

Since 2013 I have been accompanying deep transformation processes in women and men through life and business coaching. From personal development with individuals, to relationship harmonization, to career coaching. My coachings and psychological consultations are solution- and future-oriented.


One of my skills is to perceive my counterpart as a whole. With this I can give appreciative feedback and bring out your inner voice more clearly through interventions and work with the subconscious.


Our conscious mind works with 40 bit/sec whereas our subconscious works with 11.000.000 bit/sec. This is also a reason why you should trust your intuition more. It is simply data processed too fast for your conscious mind to comprehend. By working with the subconscious, we release blockages and obstructive patterns more easily and then create new behavioral strategies for your future.

Suceed on all your stages in life

Develop yourself

If you prefer an more subconscious approach to solving your challenges, I offer the following mindset work (live or online):

THEKI® consciousness training according to Sandra Weber – since 2020

THEKI® is for me the epitome of the fact that it may go easily in life!

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